Unexpected surprises

“What am I supposed to do with this?” The shock on Clayton’s face was clearly evident as his gaze followed Jay around the room.

“Can he even use it?”

“He will be just fine.” Checking his gun one last time Jay was oblivious to Clayton’s struggle to keep the gun steady in his hands.  

“Yeah but a loaded gun, is this really necessary?” Looking back at Clayton, still struggling to get the magazine clip out, her irritation gave in. “O, just give me that already!” Grabbing the gun from his hand she expertly loaded the gun for him before returning her attention to the conversation. “What? I grew up with three brothers. It was inevitable.”


Outside Alex found himself wishing for the warm comfort of his bed as he slowly sloshed forward through the rain. The house before him seemed to be abandoned as the rain kept pouring before him. Stepping in from the rain Alex had no time to react as the gunshot rang out through the room. He could still see the flash behind his closed eyelids, still smell the gunpowder and age. In that instance the burning pain, as the bullet tore through his flesh, forced him back against the wall. Shock flowed from him as the sounds around him slowly came drifting back. He knew that he had been shot as the smell of gunpowder and age still lingered in the air. Heavy, deliberate footsteps echoed in his head as Alex tried his hardest to force his eyes open again.

“Jay, it’s late. Can’t we conclude this in the morning?” Stirring slightly in recognition Alex had only enough strength to stay awake long enough to hear Jay grumbling something incoherent as the room once more fell into darkness.


“You know he is going to kill him. Why prolong his suffering?”

“Clayton, I can’t stay here. I need you to help me on this, alright?”

“You’re leaving? After all this? You are going to leave me with his death!”

“I’ll plant the idea in his head, you just need to keep him on track.”


“Jacque is coming to fetch me in the morning, I’ll keep the law off your trail while you focus on keeping them alive.”

“Why don’t you just say it like it is? Keep him calm. I have no desire of ending up like Leo.” Their conversation was cut short as Jay re-entered the room with some left over rope and a satisfied grin on his face. “Make sure everything is quite tonight. We don’t want to be disturbed.”

“I really did not need to know that.” Still grumbling about the injustice Clayton lifted an unconscious Alex from the floor before dragging him from the room. 

The End

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