Old friend anyone?

The threatening rain wiped all sound from hearing as Jay and Clayton sat staring at the walls in the small room. They gave up on talking long ago although Jay, in a particularly foul mood, continued to pester the young girl without end. Above the thundering weather Clayton could just barely make out the faint knock at the door. Stifling a yawn Clayton hauled himself of the couch, absentmindedly rubbing at the sleep in his eye, to go answer the door. Behind him he could still hear the girl’s upset tone as she started rebelling against Jay’s incessant abuse.


“Hi! What are you doing here?”

“I came to see Jay. May I come in?”

“Sure he’s in there.” Leading her towards the living room, Clayton found himself desperately trying to decide on the right course of action before they reached the living room. “Elaina, I feel it’s better that you know now what has been happening lately. I think that Jay might has lost sight of his main goal.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’ve found him wandering the hall late at night. His trembling has started up again. I think he’s off his meds again.” Placing her small, soft hands on his shoulders she smiled sweetly at him. “It’s going to be fine. I’m here now and I’m going to lead him away from this.” Her smile made him go weak for a few moments before the silence from the living room demanded his attention.

“Get off her!” Too shocked at what he saw before him Clayton couldn’t stop his words in time. The confused look in Jay’s eyes as he slowly loosened his grim on Erica’s neck said it all. He had lost it.

 “What are you doing here?”

“Jacque, told me where I could find you.” Her voice seemed to have a sobering effect on him as Clayton look on from the side.

“Jacque, off course. Should have known he wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth shut.”

“Why don’t you and I go and talk outside. Clayton, you can take care of this can’t you?” Her words were more of a command that the innocent question it was phrased as. 



With more care than knowledge Clayton quietly disinfecting her cut wrists before checking her over for other injuries. “The thought has occurred to me that you know more of my family than I do of yours.” He held her hands in his as he spoke refusing to look in her eyes. Too afraid of the tears he might see there.  

“They love me and miss me. What else is there to know?” Her soft voice sliced through him as she pulled her hands away. “I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt you like this I...”

“Stop making excuses for him! He tried to choke me!”

“Tell me what happened after I left. Apart from the choking of course, that seems rather self-explanatory.” The rain gently pelted the windowpane as Clayton sat starring at her. “I can always go ask Jay if you won’t tell me.” Footsteps came down the hall followed by Jay’s sudden appearance in the door.

“Leave the girl and get yourself to the door. We have company.”

The End

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