A new day

“Get up lazy bones!” The door slammed shut as Clayton shot up in bed. Calming his frazzled nerves he saw the door flying open again from the corner of his vision. “Leave her be and get your ass off to breakfast.” He seemed off, even for such an early morning. Somehow Jay seemed to be chasing after something he will never again find while some horror from his past chased after him, nipping at his heels. Clayton knew his brother all too well not to notice the signs.


“I was wondering if you might allow me to get her cleaned up today.” Clayton’s voice sounded vulnerable in the quite of the kitchen.


“What else am I going to do? Am I supposed to just sit here all day like a statue?”

“I don’t care what you do. As long as you stay away from her.”

“So what do you suggest? Polish your guns for you all day?”

“Go for a swim, take a walk in the woods, talk to a pretty girl, just stay the hell away from her.”

“Go for a swim, in that water? Have you seriously lost your mind? It’s filthy and reminds me of blood!”

“You too then.” Keeping his head turned from Clayton Jay struggled to supress the shudder that went through him at the thought of his dream last night.

“What? Never mind just tell me what is going on, Jay. You seem a little out of it today. Is something bothering you?”

“You shouldn’t be worrying about me, Clay. I am fine.”

“Tell me what happened here, Jay. This place weirds me out even in the daylight.” Shooting Clayton another of his death glares Jay found it hard to keep the panic from his voice.

“What makes you think something happened here?”

“For starters our room looks like visitors were expected even though you said no one has been here for years. The dust even supported that. And the water? It gives me the creeps.”

“It’s just your imagination. Let it go.”

“Jay you’re acting weird and you’re shacking. You can hardly hold your fork still.”

“I said let it go!” Storming off Jay left his chair where it toppled over as he rushed form the room. His head was spinning, his vision blurry as the compelling urge to get away from it all grew to an uncomprehend size. 

The End

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