A brother's determination

The town has been buzzing with news of Erica’s disappearance and everywhere the family seemed to turn more questioning eyes stared as they waited for an answer.

From his drawn in place Alex hear only fragments of the conversation between his friends.

The cops say that if we still haven’t heard anything she’s probably dead.

Apparently the mother thinks it’s the same guy who abducted her all those years back.

I heard he’s just disappeared over night. Not a trace.

Didn’t they have him under surveillance or something?

Suppose to yeah. Wonder how he did it.


“Please just stop. I don’t want to hear anymore.”

“We know this is difficult for you Alex but you heard your mother.”

“I just can’t take it anymore!” Standing up he swayed on his feet before regaining his balance. 

“Take it easy buddy.”

“Why can’t everybody just leave me alone! Is it to much too ask for a little compassion?”

“We are all concerned Alex. But taking your frustrations out on us isn’t helping the situation.” His eyes were uncharacteristically water as he considered rushing out into the traffic.  

“I know that but, I can’t just sit around here and listen to people speculating about what is going on.”

“You can’t stay in that house all day either. It’s not healthy.” Elaina voice was sweet as she spoke. “What do I care about my health when my sister is missing?”

“What help can you be to her if you are in hospital?”

“I can’t take this. I have to do something, anything!”

“Alex please don’t do this again. We can’t keep chasing after you every time you decide to run of somewhere. You are going to have to talk about this, keeping it to yourself is only going to intensify the feelings you are struggling with now.” Yet another so called friend that thinks he knows everything there is to know about my life.

“Wow now, you’re starting to sound like my shrink.”

“Don’t interrupt me, Alex.” Why am I listening to this again?  “Are you even listening to me?”

“Yeah talk about my feeling, find some help, get it out of my system. Yada yada yada.”

“Alex!” Her voice seemed to have the required effect on him, successfully snapping him out of his self loathing.  “You can’t keep doing this.”

“You want me to talk about my feelings? Fine. I feel like I am going insane just waiting for news. I feel like I am going to explode if another person stares at me with those mournful eyes! I feel like a trapped bear ready to rip someone’s head of!” Dashing home he left his friends in a street filled with astonished onlookers staring questioningly at one another.


Alex’s family home seemed strangely empty as the TV played over the morning news, showing Erica’s picture for the world to see. Entering Alex’s room Elaina wasn’t at all surprised to find him standing over his desk staring blankly out at the street.

 “I never known you to act like this, Alex. This is... so unlike you.”

“I’m going to kill him Elaina. He’s not going to get away with this.” His voice was emotionless as he continued staring at the carefree figures walking the sidewalk.

“Don’t talk like that Alex you’re scaring me.” Her voice was getting higher by the second as she involuntarily clutched at the necklace he had given her barely two months ago.

“I am leaving Elaina. I have to bring her back.”

“You don’t even know where to start looking. The police don’t even know where she is.”

“Don’t follow me Elaina.”  The front door slammed shut stirring the silence inside the house. 

The End

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