The Sacred haven

The Iron Gate rattled and slid open as a buzzer woke somewhere above his head.

“You’re a sight for sore yes. Thought you’d gone for good.”

“Though you were rid of me, hey old friend?” They laughed as the guard stood watching- vigilant, expecting, sacrificial. Jay pulled up a chair, folded his arms on the table and looked Ace straight in the eye. Smile unwavering; even as Ace allowed his to silently fade away.


His eyes were cold, sparkling with anticipation, his smile a sadist’s. A chill raced down Ace’s spine as Jay’s eyes kept his prisoner. Shaking himself lose from Jay’s hold he responded with disgust and anger. “Stop that! I’m not one of your prisoners even if I am one.”

“What are you talking about? I came only for a visit.”

“Information you mean?”

“Who do you know that can help me with my little problem?”

“If I knew someone like that; what makes you think that I will tell you?”

“Ouch Ace, I thought we were friends.”

“I never used those words.”

“If I fail, I’ll be back here. Counting the days to my death... one... two... three.... four...” Slowing his speech to a halt he turned to watch for passing guards.

“May hell save me from that.”


“Time to go cop killer.”

“Nice to see you again, Officer.”

“The Sacred haven.” Turning at the mention of a familiar name, Jay left smiling to himself a new notion already forming in his mind.


The harbour still bustling with activity, as the sun framed the picture, gave way to the blissfully calm bay. Before him rose a magnificent beauty. The one and only Maiden of dreams. Blood red belt complimented only by the lack of detail as its finish shimmered in the setting sun.

“Quite a beauty isn’t she?”

“She sure is.”

“You know I took her out once.”

“Are we talking about the boat or its fine occupant?” The old seadog doubled over as he laughed, his hoarse tone rolling out over the waters. Catching his breath he strode over to a nearby door.

“Allow me to buy you a beer, boy.”

“No thanks.”

“Then how can I be of service?”

“I’m actually looking for a distraction.”

“The attention getting to you?” His voice was level as he spoke, no sense of age in it.

“It’s more than just the parole and you know it.”

“Ai, that be true.”

The End

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