A new life

After serving his sentence Jay is released from prison. What will Jay do now? Will his brother's appearance suddenly awaken some sort of humanity in him or will it only drive old memories to the surface. Old memories that should rather have stayed hidden? A few new faces can only add to the confusion.
(Second and last part to the Brothers and blood tale)

“One.... two....three....four.....one.....two....three....four....” For days now Jay sat counting, guards, men, birds and trees, much to the annoyance of his cellmate.

“Can’t you count further than four?”

“Nope, three.... four....”

“Off all the guys in this prison I had to get stuck with you!”

“SHUT UP IN THERE!” Still grumbling to himself Ace sank down on his bed.

“....five.” Jumping from his bed Ace pointed excitedly at Jay. “Hah you counted to five.”

“I know genius. It’s the fifth time he’s told us to ‘SHUT UP IN THERE!’ today.” To excited to hear Jay’s sarcasm Ace was soon silenced by a passing guard.


“Time for you to leave, cop killer.”

“I was merciful to him. Had I known...”

“Keep your mouth of Leo! He was a good man; a great man!” His voice trailed off as he waited for Jay to step from his cell.

“Hey, Delport!” Jay stopped a few feet from his cell door. “Good luck out there. Hope I never have to see your face in here again.”

The gate slammed shut behind him as he stepped into a new life. “Today I get my life back; today I exact my revenge.”




The winds whistled between the houses and a gravelly voice cracked over the radio as the moon closed its eyes to the world below. “Perhaps it’s time for me to go.”

“Do you really have to leave?” There came a sudden knock on the door, clearly audible above the wind’s song and the fire’s dance. “I’ll get it, it’s on my way anyhow.” Sighing she spoke again to him, “Fine I understand. Something is always calling you.” The door opened to reveal a friendly face “Evening Jay, I came to accompany this fine young lady on her journey.”

“O Jacque, I’m not leaving until next week.”

“So I take it I then come bearing bad news.”

“Jacque, what aren’t you telling us?”

“Leona, believe me I tried...”

“Don’t say it,” Jay’s voice cracked like a whip. “you’ll only upset her if you use that name. My dear,” turning to her he gently locked her in his arms, “go with him and I shall finish what we started.”


Turning to leave his eye caught a shimmer of movement in the darkness, across the street. With a sigh he turned from the door and wandered down the street, head held low to the coming winds.

The End

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