Initial meetings

A cop, a captive and a rogue. Having messed up his previous case Leo clings desperately to his newest assignment. When Jay brings a young Sidney Leo suddenly feels a strong pull to keep her safe. To somehow make up for his past mistakes.

Hurrying the girl up the flight of stairs, Jay remained vigilant for any movement from his fellow tenants that might still be up and about. Keeping a restraint on his voice he ushered the young girl towards a door on the 7th floor.

“Stop squirming or you’ll get.....”

Her scream filled the hallway for a few seconds only before it too died away, smothered by the stillness of the hall.

“Now see what you made me do!” his words escaped through clenched teeth as he quickly unlocked the door, keeping a tight hold on her arm, before shoving her into the apartment. One last friendly greeting before his scowl returned and he silently disappeared into the darkening apartment. Though many have wondered, none have dared to venture further than the door.


From the kitchen came the all too familiar sounds of Leo’s  cursing, his temper hot as hell, as he picked his way through the obstacle course that was their kitchen. Trailing her behind him Jay went in search of his roommate.  The dark hallway, trailing off into unexplored parts of the apartment, seems to her to call and beckon them into its darkness kept at bay only by the faint stream off light originating from the kitchen. It was here that so many feet passed through in the five years of Jay’s existence in the quiet residential part of Leeds Town.


“You’re late! Where have you been?” His voice rose as he cursed at yet another box, kicking it to the side. “You were supposed to come straight back here.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah keep your shirt on will you, I’m here aren’t I?”

“And when are you going to do something about these boxes!”

“They don’t bother me only you. You sure you never tried anything?”

“Ha-ha very funny.” Leo’s eyes caught sight of a sudden movement from behind Jay’s back, as his world caved in around him.

“Who the hell is that?” His voice posed the question as if from nowhere, as he pointed to the frightened girl peering from behind Jay’s back.

Her hazel eyes were filled with fear, tears staining her cheeks now marked with Jay’s hand. Not being able to stand the look of a frightened doe looking back at him Leo turned his eyes to instead meet Jay’s. “O, her. This is Sidney; she will be staying with us for a while.” Grabbing her by the arm he pulled her to the front so Leo could see her.

“Are you mad?” His voice no more than a whisper. “We just robbed a bank, people were killed, and we’ve got the entire PD on our trail!” As his anger grew his voice rose once again. “You might as well have signed our death warrants and you think it is a good idea to bring her here?”

“You don’t have a problem with that do you?”

A problem. You are asking me whether I have a problem. A sudden calmness swept over Leo as Jay stood watching him with curious eyes. “No of course not. Why not just invite a few undercover cops!”

“You’re the one that said no cops, not me!”

Don’t you dare; don’t you dare even think about trying that!

“I know what happened, I was there remember! You killed a man in cold blood you don’t get to make this my fault, you hear me?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah get off your high horse will ya?” Stopping in the doorway Jay coyly turned to Leo, a note of arrogance in his voice.

“You know… even though I shot him... we weren’t caught.”

“It could easily have been different and every second you waste playing around is one less we have to get the hell out of here!”

“Relax will ya, the cops aren’t going to find anything.”

“And what if they do? What then huh? Are you going to be the one to convince them otherwise?”

“Even if by some miracle they find something, they won’t find us until it’s too late. They will be to busy trying to find this sweetie.” His smug grin was enough for Leo to want to strangle him where he stood. Taking a deep breath Leo, instead, took a second to calm himself before he spoke again.

“Jay, what exactly did you do?”

“Nothing worse than killing a cop.”

Leo got the distinct feeling that he really didn’t want to know any more.

“Come on, don’t you trust me anymore?” Standing slightly aside so Leo could pass he shot up his hands in mock surrender.

“Sometimes I wonder...” His voice trailed away behind him as he disappeared down the corridor.

“Jay,” his voice came again after a few seconds of silence.


“What’s her role in all of this?” Appearing from the kitchen, beer in hand, Jay again went and leaned in the kitchen doorway, slowly drinking at his beer while Leo waited for an answer. Swallowing he finally said: “She’s our diversion.”

As shock registered on Leo’s face he grabbed his keys and disappeared out the door without a further word. Not another one I won’t allow you to get your way again. Though I may not be in blue anymore I won’t allow you to kill again. You’ve destroyed enough lives as it is.

 “Always running away, such a shame. Why I even stay friends with him I’ll never know.” Turning from the door he calmly went about drinking his beer again.


The silence of the apartment irritated Jay, even more so, the constant crying of his young captive. Breaking the silence Jay suddenly seized her hand and roughly pulled her to her feet, leaving the chair half in the way. “Come on!” Leading her to another room he shoved her into a corner as she nearly lost her balance and fell to the floor. Quick on her hands and knees she wished to see his retreating back, yet instead saw him smiling down at her. The atmosphere tightened as the front door opened and Jay went to meet Leo. “Stay put now, alright?”

The End

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