II. ThanatosMature

Venice, Italy 1476

The whole way to Venice Katherine replayed the words of her father in her head, and the letter burned at her side.
She was scared to open it, but she knew she had to.
Reluctantly, she pulled it out and read it in silence as the horse slowly galloped.

Katherine and Alexander, 
                                                      I cannot tell you what will or could happen nor where to go, but I can guarantee that this was never my wish for you. The Gods chose you, their blood runs in your veins,  and you will serve a purpose for the greater good by playing both sides. There are things I cannot tell you, not even in my dying breath. Sworn to an oath of secrecy, but you will soon know why.
You will go to Venice and meet up with a man named Altaïr. Dante will help you get there but to find Altaïr is nearly impossible. 
Be vigilant, be discreet.
Remember not everything you see or hear is true so you must find your own answers. And do whatever it takes to get that information.
I am proud of you, I know what you are capable of. 
                                                                       Your father, 
                                                                                                Vieri Salviati

Katherine wanted to cry, but she knew she had to avenge what happened to her father and her family.

The End

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