Prologue: Lucien

Lucien felt the cold air brush against his skin. Winter was his favourite time, but right now it made him only feel colder than he really was. The snow hit him as he walked, lightly covering him in a blanket of white, making his blond hair almost white. Glancing up at the sky he saw it wasn't about to ease up.

Perfect, he thought sarcastically. Maximillian will love this.

Drawing closer to his rendevouz spot, he felt eyes on him. He slowed so he could hear a little better over the crunching of his shoes against the snow. A hissing sound buzzed over his left shoulder, and it quickly moved to the right. Lucien tapped his jacket to make sure his weapon was there. The hissing trailed of to his right, followed by a wail.

He lifted a light blond eyebrow and headed over to a small house.

The lights were all turned out, but his instincts kicked in. He ran forward and right into a pack house. Pack houses were for werewolves, vicious creatures, but only if you were faced with rogues.

"Lucien?" It was a small voice, but surely recognizable.  





The End

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