Two soldiers clad in white stood in front of the palace, bored. One scratched his chin and yawned. The other grumbled "Guardian's gonna kick your ass one day Jason."

Jason grinned "I see the Guardian about as much as I see Jesus, Allie."

Allie cocked her head sideways "Yeah, but Jesus would get more attention."

Jason asked "How do you know?"

Allie took a step back "What do you mean I know? I know cause I read it."

Jason let his assault rifle hang loose across his chest, his hands making fast gestures. "Okay, say this brown nigger comes back to ea-"

Allie punched Jason "Don't say that!"

Jason threw his hands up "Well it's not like the man's white- besides, what's wrong with calling him a sand nigger?"

Allie punched Jason again "It's racist!"

Jason took a few steps back, rubbing his sore shoulder. "Okay, say a black man calls another black man nigger, not offensive. If I call a black man a nigger though, I'm automatically a racist! I mean, what the fucks up with that? I should be allowed to call them niggers all I want."

Allie shook her head "Except guys from the middle east don't call each other sand niggers."

After a short pause, Jason said "Okay, I'll give you that. Anyways, going back to Jesus- if he's the Messiah and he comes back down to earth, he's gonna claim that's what he is. Big whoop, I've seen guys screaming in train stations they're the messiah, that don't get people's attention."

Allie cocked her head again "Really?"


Allie chuckled "Bullshit."

Jason smiled "No, really!"

A low voice asked "Aren't you two supposed to be watching the perimeter?"

Jason jumped, span around and saluted "Uhh, sir, yes sir!"

Allie grinned, glad her baluclava hid everything but her eyes. The Guardian crossed his arms "Forget it. I'd like both of you to show Eric around the palace- he's a potential recruit."

Jason and Allie stared down at Eric-literally. He was a full foot shorter than both of them. They both yelled "Sir yes sir!"

The Guardian walked out of sight.  The soldiers relaxed. Jason pointed at Allie "That man got more attention from me than the sand nigger ever will!"

Allie shifted her assault rifle "I still have my gun."

David pulled Eric close and in a whimpering voice said "Please, not in front of the child!"

Eric pushed himself away. 

Allie folder her arms across her chest "Was this flirting David?"

David blushed "Nope."

Allie walked to a door "Shame, I was enjoying that."

Eric thought what did I just get into?

David said "Eric, who do you think would get more attention, the return of the Guardian or the return of Jesus?" 

Eric thoughtreally, what the hell did I get into? He then said "I'm not really a part of this conversation."

Allie stopped "Everyone has an opinion."

David said "At least the Guardian bothered to show."

Eric opened one of the palace doors and left the two alone. A long silence followed. David broke the silence "You know what would get everyone's attention?"

Allie sighed "What David?"

"Blowing up the moon. Cause then it's not just like one nation that cares, everybody gives a shit."

Allie mumbled "Maybe Jesus will blow up the moon."

David shook his head "But then everyone would be focused on why a peaceful man suddenly decided to blow up the moon, that wouldn't be Jesus."

Allie walked into the Palace, saying "Well, someone's gotta look after the kid."

All became quiet except for an occasional gust of wind. 

The End

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