What is NecessaryMature

A whistle blew and the train screeched to a stop. David threw his sweater on, feeling that something was wrong. Eric sneezed onto David. David yelled "Aww, what the hell man!"

Eric sniffled "Sorry, allergies- it's that old guy with the perfume."
An old man with a towel around his waist raised his head and mumbled something about kids these days. David's lip twitched "It's called cologne bro."

Eric nodded "Aah, okay."

Eric sat against one of the steel lockers, trying to advert his eyes from the three or four naked fat men doing enough to beautify the change room. Eric said "David, we should go."

David nodded "Yeah, definitely."

Eric stood back up and walked outside with David. Eric felt unsure- his conversation with Tom the laundry man felt odd. He was certain Tom knew he was a rat, but then why did Tom let him go? Eric decided to keep his distance from the man. That wasn't necessary however, Eric was in a prison already. Little did he know the train was locked and Police with dogs were getting ready to find him. So when the dogs barked, Eric jumped with surprise. David looked around for an escape and found one. A gentleman had left his locker open. David darted inside the locker, closing it just enough so the automatic lock wouldn't kick in. David asked "Come on Eric, there's room!"

Eric walked up to the locker and kicked it closed. The lock engaged, locking his brother inside. David yelled "Eric, what are you doing? Eric?"

Eric walked outside the locker room, he didn't have time to waste on giving his brother last words. The police knew he was on that train and if they didn't find him quickly, they would tear that train down looking for him. So he walked to an empty table in the dining hall and sat. His body shook from waiting, his ears were perked. Finally, he heard a dog growling behind him. It barked, nudging his chair. Eric turned around slowly to see a dog as tall as him snapping it's jaws, barely restrained by a muscular cop with a shock taser in hand. The cop growled "Get off your chair and walk to the front of the train you dirty rat."

Standing up, Eric walked for what felt like an eternity. He felt shame from the other passengers staring at him, amplifying his own. A passenger yelled "All you rats can go to hell, I hope you get raped in prison you food stealing bastard!"

More passengers began joining in, each insult more obscene than the last. A woman threw her wine onto Eric- his shoulders hunched down, his face down. The cops didn't do a thing. A fat woman squeeled "You piece of fucking shit, we're in a famine!"

Eric looked this woman in the eye, furious. He screamed "And you're the reason why!"

The cop kicked Eric from behind- Eric fell to the ground, clutching his head. The dog's jaws soon snapped close to his face, barking. Spit flew from it's mouth, landing on his face. Eric stood back up with a yelp, running away from the dog. Another police officer was in his way, hands outstretched. Eric ran to the man's right and out the train door. Temporarily blind by sunlight two cops instantly seized him, laughing. They threw a sack over his head and carried him. Eric trembled in fear, wondering what he'd done. He thought I should've tried to run, to escape... at least David's safe. Will I see him again? I should've sai-

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud screech. He felt free fall and landed on something hard. He heard the sounds of doors closing and a lock falling. The whole room shook and began to move. Eric could only think about one thing now- not saying goodbye to David. Guilty, he cried himself to sleep. 

The End

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