The RatMature

A lot could be said about the Capital's Main Train Station, so many important things had happened there, only to be forgotten not by the age of time but the age of persuasion. Banners covered every wall, catching glimpses from the eighty thousand people that passed through every day. Two sets of eyes low to the ground stared at a poster of a black man protecting a family against a black man like thing with horns and flame covering it's body. The caption read "He can't do it alone! Join the Guards." 

David turned to his younger brother Eric and said "See! I told you they're real."

Eric frowned "I don't believe in demons. If they're so powerful, why aren't they here right now?"

David shoved Eric "Stupid! That's what the soldier's doing, see he's protecting us. Just watch, I'll join the Guards and kill a demon as proof!"

Eric mumbled "You're twelve David."

 David didn't hear Eric and continued louder "I'll be a hero, then our parents will know where to find us!"

If Eric knew anything, it was that he was more mature than his older brother and smart enough to let his brother have the hope that their parents wanted them back. So, he put on his best fake smile and said "Right."

David patted Eric on the back "I knew you'd come around. Come on, we got food to steal."

David left Eric behind, dissapearing into the crowd. Eric looked around and gritted his teeth, running into the mass of people. At the very least, he knew where his brother would be. A knee came out of nowhere's, knocking him to the ground. An old lady tripped over his body, screaming. Getting back up franticly, Eric tried to run away but the lady gripped his heel with an iron grip. She spat "Where's your parents?!"

Eric yelled "Let go of me!"

She asked louder "Where are they?!"

Eric fell over, kicking her hand.

She screamed "Didn't you hear me?! Do you even have you little rat?!"

Eric yelled "Let go of me you bitch!"

 Surprise, the lady's grip loosed enough for Eric to break free, scrambling into a sea of legs. A few men soon came to help the poor lady up. She frantically explained the situation to them. Eric could here her say "I think there's a poor rat here."

Eric ran to a bronze train, hoping to find his brother before he got into too much trouble. That was the other thing about Eric, trouble always seemed to find him, not his brother. A train guard was posted at the entrance to the train, easy to slip by if you knew how.An especially fat lady was in line to give the guard her ticket. Eric ran behind her, pretending to be her kid to everyone but the guard. Her breathing was loud, Eric couldn't help but feel repulsed. Why could she have all the food and he couldn't get any? 

The fat woman gave her ticket to the train guard. The train guard asked "Do you have any children with you today?"

She snorted "Ha, I'd rather die from a heart attack."

Rolling his eyes the train guard said "Have a hea- uh, nice day."

The train guard opened the door to the train, doing his best not to look at her. This gave Eric enough time to slip in before the door closed. Eric walked through the train, passing by people in rich clothes asking what a child in such dirty clothing was doing here. He suddenly stopped and thoughtthis would seem odd. There should be a laundry room in the back of the train.Eric ran to the back of the train and made it into the laundry room, pushing the door open silently. A large fat man faced away from him, taking fresh clothes out of the dryers. Eric dived into a basket and looked for clothes that would fit him. A hand grabbed his neck and lifted him out of the basket. The large man asked Eric in a ridiculous accent "An jus' who are ya suppos' to be, eh? Anotha kid wantin' his clothes now, you coul' 'ave a little respect an' just ask!"

Eric asked "Please?"

The man smiled "Tha's the spirit! Now 'old still while I ge' you some clothes for your trip. Which make' me ask- where are they?"

Eric swallowed "They sent me on the train alone."

The man set Eric on top of a washing machine, locking the door. He said "ooh, ain' tha' strange? It woul' be terrible, mighty terrible if you were a rat."

Eric asked "What's wrong with rats?"

The man frowned "Rats spread disease. But, tha' was a long time ago, wasn' it? I guess you coul' say they're like any other rodent now. What do you make of tha'?"

Eric's eyes scanned for an exit, anything to get away. His body tensed and he replied "I- er- guess they are?"

The man said "Right! But, we're tol' to hate them, aren' we? But, where are my mannerisms, my name be Tom. Wha's your name?"

Eric mumbled the first name that came to mind "David, my name's David."

Tom said "Well David, I use' to be a detective so it's easy fer me to fin' a rat not cause I can think like a detective but cause I can think like a rat. What woul' a rat do in your situation? How can you prove your innocence?"

Eric swallowed "Well, it- it would be real hard to get on the train."

Tom waved his finger "aahhh, but rats get in everywhere."

Taking a bit of cheese out of his pocket, Tom took a bite, staring at Eric. He said "I 'ave something else to ask you... but for the life of me I don' remember." 

With that, Tom unlocked the door and handed Eric his clothes. Eric felt speechless. Tom slapped him on the back "Go on, ge' to a shower, no poin' in wearin' clean clothes withou' tha'- oh, righ', you need a ticke' for the shower. Here you are lad. Showers in the middle of the train."

Eric slowly walked out of the laundry room. Tom called out "An I'll be checkin' to make sure you took tha' shower in an hour!"

The laundry room door closed. When Eric was out of site, he leaned against a wall, letting himself breath. A hand slapped his shoulder. Gasping, Eric turned to see his brother. 

David laughed "I thought I lost you!"

Eric sighed with relief "It's really great to see you bro." 

David grinned "Is that a ticket for a shower? Got room for two?"

Eric frowned "That's really gross."

David shrugged "Okay, okay, I'll get my own ticket. Get into any trouble while I was gone?"

Eric chuckled "Just the usual brother. C'mon, let's get you a ticket." 

The End

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