Teardrops hit the ground and muffled cries could be heard a mile away. Violins began to play as dogs of the military carried a marble red coffin down the red carpet till it's final destination- a marble tomb. They stopped just short of the tomb. A silence followed before a man walked out of the tomb, dressed in a white uniform. He stood beside the coffin. Laser mics caught his cough, the hidden speakers echoing it across the Republic's Royal Square, just in front of the People's Palace. The man looked down for a moment, wiping his eyes. Looking back up, he faced his audience, the people of Benadir. The violins ended their high note.

A deep breath could be heard. He began "Citizens of Benadir, as you know our proud nation has struggled for greatness the past ten years. Famine, demons and traitors among us have made these I fear, the most trying times in our history. President Alexander never thought twice and never ceased about his duty, a duty we all share to each other. I remember handing him a report on the food crisis last Sunday only to find him again still in his office Monday, working tirelessly on this problem. What his mind could take, his body could not and his heart failed him. We have lost not just a great leader, but a great man with a heart big enough for us all. With his death, I have been born as your new leader, a cycle that has lasted forever. With my reign, I will take out the black sheep among us, those that have caused all of our hardships, I will work tirelessly to bring food to all of us and to secure our borders against the demons. I have seen the future, we will  shine brighter than ever before, the demons will creep back into their shadows and not a single soul will go hungry. The sun will rise!" 

The bands began to play and the crowd sang the national anthem, shouting louder as cannons fired. Fireworks shot into the sky and the coffin dissapeared into the tomb. 

The End

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