Silver Bubble

“SHEEETTT!!!!” I sprayed water from my mouth. There are 3 police vans on the other side of the road outside my old supplier’s house. I stopped in my tracks, that’s when a police man turned his head to look at me. A crease formed between his eyebrows. “What’s going on officer?” I asked. “What’s it to you?” the policeman answered. Silence. More silence. The crease between his eyebrows disappeared. “Go on, on your way” he snapped. I started walking, walking very fast. I turned my head to glance, I saw another policeman wearing a Kevlar vest. He stepped out the front door hugging a big brown box. The incident had no link to me- or the Jamaican brothers. All it meant was that businesses around the city will be disrupted.

I was on my bed staring at the ceiling when my phone buzzed, it was Ando. “You alright?” I answered- he referred me to someone who wanted a bit of smoke. That’s all I had left, a bit. It’s my share of the cut from the last operation, I’d be free-from when this bit is gone. Ando doesn’t want to make the handshake because the customer lives 11 train stops away- in a small town, outside the city. I wrote down an address, a phone number with the name Francois. The police incident happened on a Tuesday, it’s now the weekend- it’s been days since I left my house; I suspected Ando had the same attitude.

“Thump, thump.” I knocked on the door. A lad with tussled hair greeted me. “Francis! What the, oh my jays. How are you?” I stepped forward to hug him. He winced and I withdrew. We both looked down at the bandages wrapping his arm like a mummy. “I’m so sorry” I said. He looked up. “Francois?” his expression lit up, he realised why I was on his doorstep. “Oh it’s fine” he said. “Come inside. The kettles just boiled” he led the way.

The End

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