Silver Bubble

I laid my clothes on the counter before jumping in the bath for a cold shower. I jogged in place to get my body temperature warmer than the water- that felt like tiny drops of frosted fury. “Brrr-rrr!” I started shaking my head like a rock star, water went everywhere.
The Jamaican brothers were happy for me to leave- Ando was gutted he didn’t have a partner but Skimoe knew I was a liability. Have you ever noticed the goal keeper in a football game? They miss saving the balls flying at them because they don’t have the energy for the sport. The team then starts loosing. This cumbers pressure on the strikers to score; Skimoe saw me as a rusty clog in the clockwork. We had this talk over dinner- knights sitting around The Stone(d) Table. Ando wasn’t convinced.  He started waving a chicken leg at my face. “You’re going to cream, cut, and cook all the time. I’m never going to see you again” he said with a mouthful. We all laughed. One thing we all agreed on, what we ate was the best jerk chicken in eny end o’ Landun.

My hands were typing on the keyboard, moving like a pianist. “Hi Nick, Sunday is a go… Will bring chef whites, and my sharpest knife… Writing on this sunny day, Yang” my email confirmed the details. I shut the laptop like a briefcase. “Mmmmmm” I exhaled. This part of the park is beautiful, new sprouts- flowers from the ground is inspirationaaaa’ nope, more than that, it’s spiritual; time to heal from climbing up the hill. I’m recharged from new energy, on top this hill it’s clear to see- Fux selling weed it’s all an act. Plus, I lost my Father figure because of that.

The End

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