Silver Bubble

I tossed my bag on the couch and sunk beside it. Reggae music was playing from the stereo- low enough for me to hear the chicken and vegetables sizzle on the grill from Ando’s kitchen. He extended his arms to reveal a lit joint pinched between his fingers.”’Ere you go, that’s Silver Bubble you’re smoking” he said. He was sitting on the couch opposite me.
-“Yu will love vis marinade. I know y’ah clued onto y’ah food, but ya can’t find ah’be’ah jerk chicken than this ere. None, nowhere in eny end o’ Landun” he said. We both laughed, he can switch between accents because of his Jamaican heritage, and London upbringing.
-“So, what’s going on” he asked. “You’re not coming out much these days?”
-“I’ve got the dough, if that’s what you’re getting at” I answered.
-“Catch” I threw him a wad of cash.
- He put the roll aside. “No, it’s not that mate. I can tell you don’t want to do this anymore”
-“Hmm, you can?” I was surprised.
-“Yeah, we do business together but you’re forgetting that we’re mates at the end of the day”.
I went for the ashtray on the coffee table before lifting the glass of water- I was making the sip as long as possible to give me time to think.
-“Mate, I can see you smiling behind that glass” Ando threw a tennis ball at my leg.
The door opened and Skimoe walked in with a brown box covering his upper body. He was struggling to close the door, balancing on one foot. You could tell it was Ando’s older brother by the green bangles wrapped around his wrists. He set the box down on the table and let out a massive exhale. “Aaah, those bloody stairs and that bloody rain. Right, let me go dry myself” Skimoe said. I drew the curtain to see the street empty apart from orange street lights reflecting on the puddles.
-“Hmm. What could be inside that box” I made a dry comment. I knew in my head the box meant that they’ll expect me to help make more handshakes around the city.
-“See what I mean, you’re not enthusiastic about dotting anymore” the silence filled the room. “Why can’t you just admit it?” Ando shot me a look while he fiddled with the tape sealing the box. We both knew what's inside- Silver Bubble.
-“Mmm. Smells good, what’s for dinner tonight? Skimoe was patting himself dry with a small towel. Ando didn’t give him an answer but continued to fiddle with the box. Skimoe shifted his questioning gaze to me- more silence filled the room.
-“Chicken” I said.
-“What’s going on?” he asked. Nobody answered him.
-“Ando, what’s going on?” he straightened his posture, and placed his hands on the waist.
-“Well... Yang’s got something on his mind” Ando said, inviting me to talk. I glanced up to see Skimoe shared the same look. I took another sip of water.

The End

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