Silver Bubble

My alarm clock popped. I opened my eyes to see half the Sun creep above the horizon. I jumped off my bed and walked towards the window where 3 jars sat. I stretch my arms. Mama always said you’ve got to hustle if you wanted lunch; there isn’t such thing as runner up. I was packing my bag when I noticed my phone- Nick wants me to help in the kitchen this weekend. I knew I had to sell all the green marbles I had before I could say yes; I sprayed the room with air freshener to mask the smell of weed.

The Sun is now shining above the sky scrapers. I did my best not to crash into anyone walking on the pavement. My inbox was filled with text messages from unsaved phone numbers. The experience of selling weed is summed by navigating left and right around the city, and shaking hands with many people- you greet different beards, different lipsticks and sometimes, walking sticks. It’s a sure way to explore the map and mix with the local crowd.

The End

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