New Year Firework

The barn is massive; the floor was made of French Oak the colour of sandy beaches.  I wouldn’t reach the ceiling even if I jumped from on top of a ladder. I was looking up at the Chandelier crystals bending light while Nick toured me through the dance halls where the Bride and Groom are wed before sitting down to eat with their guests. We reached the kitchen. The room was well lit. Shelves of plates, pans and different pieces lined the walls. The kitchen was empty because everyone was busy preparing for the fireworks display outside. Nick is slim considering Chefs are always surrounded by big drums of food. He wore chef whites with the puffy hat. You could smell the scent of cooking onions floating through the air. “Can you cut these carrots for me?” He asked, handing me a knife. “What experience do you have with ovens bigger than your wardrobe? Have you skinned a rabbit before?” Can you dance to reggae dub music?” He put my tongue to the test with his questions. He walked me to the dishwasher beside the kitchen sink. “This is your responsibility” he explained. He urged me to press a couple buttons that got the machine rumbling.

The End

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