New Year Firework

I was deleting spam emails when my computer read “You have mail”. I opened the message from Galloping Gourmet. The Head Chef explained that his kitchen didn’t need another hand wielding a knife. He offered me a spot in the team- a kitchen porter. That meant drying plates, lifting heavy boxes and taking bags of garbage out. He gave me an address, 47 Loch Fyne Barn. The team is hosting a wine and food tasting event the week after New Year’s Eve. “I would be delighted to meet you on that evening” Nick, the email signed.

I fiddled with a piece of paper while the orange car light illuminated what I was doing. “We’ve sold two ounces and it’s been a week. Have you got the cash?” Ando asked. He made a left before putting the silver car to a stop. “We are behind, bruv we need to make that money back”. We have 3 jars of green marbles left. The Christmas and New Year holiday has passed, this meant the parents, builders and students who buy wraps of green buds couldn’t meet us in that period; we don’t have the cash to pay for the pillow of weed we borrowed. Ando passed me a flame for the stick in between my lips. “Look, I’m sorry mate but can you do without me tomorrow night? I’m going out of town to meet that matey I mentioned to you”. I blew smoke out the window and passed him the lit joint.

The End

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