New Year Firework

Ando left me with pans, plates and a pitcher to wash. The sink was filled with bubbles- I could see the visiting moon through the kitchen windows. The house was quiet, and the music was off. It was approaching midnight.

I wrote a letter under the wavering candle light. I addressed the envelope to my Father who lives in the Philippines- what is he up to? The question frustrated me because my mind goes blank when I imagine: what is, he up to? I have no idea. I can’t make up a beautiful scene in my head. All I can remember about him is the arguments he and my mother would have about money; these fights carried on while I played superheroes in the backyard wearing a t-shirt over my briefs. I looked at the clock. It was the small hours of the morning. I had to get ready for bed.

I kept refreshing my email list- click click click. Is he going to hire me? Several weeks have passed and the Head Chef at a weeding company still hasn’t sent his reply in our conversation. I resigned with the thought of him very busy. It’s the Christmas season, I will let it slide.
“Do you wanna buy a candy cane?” a girl stood over me. She filled the silence “You can have one of my elves deliver it to a special somebody?” I paused and scanned the room- my eyes met the front desk. She started clicking her pen. “May you give mine to the librarian?”- From who, she asked. “Yang” I answered.

The End

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