New Year Firework

Brother Of The Sun is a story about Yang, a boy on a quest to find True Love- see how he finds balance between family convictions and personal desires.

Taking steps forward is harder these days- it rained last night so the air was hot, heavy and humid. My bag clung onto my back. The earlier half of the day has ended. All of my teacher’s lectures went through one ear and out the other. I have lost interest in the subjects I signed up for. I kicked an empty can out the way, instead of walking over it. My mother urged me to take practical options, she is a trained nurse. This meant business subjects that will increase my chances of getting employed in an office- my biggest question was, is that important? My school never taught me how to be inspired- Science was a game, English is my second language and I am still looking for the value of Y.

I slung my coat over the dining room chair and rolled up my sleeves. I found fish in the fridge that I bought at the market. “Can you turn up the music?” I shouted. My friend Ando was in the other room going through my CD collection while I prepared our dinner.

I forked my food like a hockey putt, playing with a tomato slice. “Whas wron?” Ando asked. I looked up to see him chewing through his mouthful. “Bruv, where is your etiquette”. We both paused, holding in our laughter; he washed his food down with a gulp of water. He asked if I was going to finish my food- I knew what he was getting at so I tucked in.

The End

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