Philly Met Brooklyn

Day 72: Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

Viewpoint: Kel

Music: Monica - You Chose Me ________________________________________________

I woke up to a bright ray of sunshine in my face. It was almost blinding, yet I could only see a few clouds in the sky. I looked down at my chest to see my Diggy laying there peacefully. The sun beams reflected on his mahogany complexion and showed me beauty with a glow. I took a deep breath and could smell bacon in the air, presuming his roommate was cooking breakfast. It felt comfortable and everything seemed right with the world.

I went to move and a strike of sensuality slid up my back. I definitely enjoyed my activities with Diggy last night and found out that he was a talented person and had many tricks up his sleeve. I stood up and warm breeze flew through my body as I realized I was naked. I used the bathroom and stopped in the middle of the door way.

Diggy slept peacefully. I reflected all the new experiences I got to taste, touch and experience last night. I bit my lip and climbed back into the bed.

He adjusted to my body as I opened my phone. My friends made smart comments via text messages. I slid out of bed again and went into the living room. His roommate didn't see me as I grabbed my bag and I returned to Diggy's bedroom. I opened the bag, and pulled out a white rose with blue tips. I popped the water tablet off of it, slid it in a bottle of water, got back in bed and fell back to sleep with Diggy.

Diggy woke up maybe 20minutes later, and went to used the bathroom when he came out of the bathroom, I was waiting for him with the rose in my hand.

Diggy wiped his eyes and with a raspy voice, he whispered, "What's that for?"

I replied, "Baby, I am ready to take the next step with you and I want you to be my boyfriend. Will you accept this rose, a rose that is different but still as beautiful and willing to be explored? Will you be my boyfriend?"

Diggy smiled, "Xzavion Mikhael Johnson... wow... you know if you take this leap and we start to become boyfriends, that makes you a Bi-sexual man."

Kel looked at Demetreus, "I don't care what it makes me... I'll be with you and I'll be happy."

Diggy got into the bed with me. He pressed his spearmint smelling lips on mine and said, "I will be honored."

I gently kissed him again, and we laid together, preparing to face the world, from whatever it will throw at us. Love will triumph all hatred and negativity. As the warm breeze soared in their room as they glazed into the sunrise, this started their journey but overall this is how Brooklyn Met Philly.

The End

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