Philly'z Kiss From A Rose

Day 71: Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

Viewpoint: Kel

Music: Seal- Kiss from a Rose ___________________________________________________

His lips were so soft, luscious and gentle. His bottom lip pursed tightly over mine. Diggy's hands caressed my neck as I lifted him over the bed. I slammed him on the bed, and I started to removed my shirt. He touched his ipod and Seal, Kiss from a Rose played and it was the perfect song for the perfect moment.

I laid on top of him with his legs wrapped around my torso and my head kissing his neck. I let go of all my insecurities for the first time, and I just flew threw the 500 count satin sheets and cloud foam patterns. All I felt was an intense warmth erupt in me, building as I dug deeper into his kiss.

Our heads sway with every passionate peck on the lips, my eyes watching his every move as I was about to enter the boss level. An level that would change my life for ever, and set me different from any body but adopt me into a world that makes me smile but I hate at the same time. I've been with a lot of women but I have never had this feeling before, like every question I have ever had is now answered with him. So weird!

He stopped and stood up.

"Baby, pause that thought." Diggy said as he excused himself from the room. I opened up his bed stand drawer to find my name on a box of condoms.

I laughed, as he had this planned. Seconds later he walked back in.

I curiously replied, "What did you do?"

Diggy replied, "Gave Malik and Rachel, my phone and your car keys. You'll be busy for the rest of the night. I called Andi, so she can direct them to stay at her house.  The house is our playground."

I laughed and then I pointed to the condoms and he said, "I wanted to be prepared. I didn't know what size you are, so I brought a bunch of  different sizes. Don't worry, I'm disease free and I can't get pregnant."

I laughed harder as I got up and grabbed him from behind.

"I'm a magnum, you ready, baby?" I whispered in his ear.

He turned to me, started to kiss my chest and rub on my abs. I rubbed my hands on his ass as I realized that I was getting erected. He sat on the bed and I leaned against him. I must confess, when our lips locked again, the future shot past me in a flash and it made me smile because I knew I was going to be happy. This life style will be a tough one, but I think I might have found my soul mate... if soul mates exist...

The End

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