Day 71: Demetreus "Dee or Diggy" Sharpp

Viewpoint: Dee 

Music: Janet Jackson - Son of a Gun, Featuring P. Diddy & Missy Elliott ________________________________________________

Kel threw Cris against the wall when Demetreus ran out of his bedroom.

Kel said, "Oh snap! There is Demetreus, you have something to say to him, right!"

Cris sat up from off the floor. He looked up and tried to stand up when Rachel kicked him off his feet.

"You are beneath him, so beg."

Cris wiped his mouth and got on his knees.

"D-d-d-deme... t-t-tre... us. I want to say that I'm sorry for ever hitting you or ever causing as much pain as I am in right now."

Malik said, "This isn't about you!"

Cris looked at Malik, "You're right. I'm sorry. Will you please forgive me."

Dee looked down at him, and started to tear up. "You caused me a lot of pain."

Kel watched me as I started to cry and encouraged me, "Face him, Demetreus."

Dee walked up to him, and Cris stood on his feet. Dee placed his hand on his face.

"You're a b*tch. I never did anything to you for you to beat up on me like you have. Just because your penis is small and I treated well doesn't mean I should be punished for you're insecurities. I'm not afraid of you anymore, after this don't ever talk to me again!"

Dee back slapped him in his face, leaving a hand print. Cris jumped at Demetreus and he didn't flinch. Cris staggered back when Kel slammed his fist into his shoulder.

Cris started to fight a losing battle as Kel took him on alone. Kel stood up and kneed him in his chest. A few threatening jabs left Cris empty. Kel gripped up Cris and whispered in his ear, "You messing with him or talking to him are over. I will personally kill you, and leave your blood stains for your family if you come near him again. This is mine now... He's is my baby. Now say goodbye to him, and tell him you will never see him again!"

Cris stared in Demetreus' face... "Goodbye Dee."

Kel took him outside. 

The End

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