Handful of Brooklyn

Day 71: Demetreus "Dee or Diggy" Sharpp

Viewpoint: Dee 

Music: Janet Jackson - All For You _________________________________________________

Demetreus drove Malik, Rachel and Kel to his apartment. On the ride to his house, Malik and Rachel drilled Dee with questions. Dee didn't become defensive but answered them openly and honestly. 

"So you're behind Kel accepting me?" Malik said as I turned onto my street.

"Yeah, I feel people should be accepted don't matter what the image, and I shared my opinion. I'm not trying to change him, but if he asks me, I will be honest."

Rachel said, "I like you... you seem like a genuine person, just be careful with my best friend. He's a handful." 

I started to park the car and said, "I'll be as gently as I can. But all he wants to do is explore and I'm okay with that role right now. I hope he finds the path he wants to run on, as I hope we all do in this car."

Malik smiled, "You seem like an ideal boyfriend, but if this doesn't work, you should date a gay guy, me."

I smiled, "That'll be nice. You are a cutie."

Kel interrupted, "Um... no!"  We all laughed.

I lead everyone up to my apartment. I opened my door and saw no sighs of Cris. Kel told me to go grab my stuff. I went into my bedroom and Kel followed me. 

Kel held me as I packed my stuff. Rachel knocked on my bedroom door and told Kel that Malik wanted him. Kel left and she replaced him.

She proclaimed, "Are you sure you want to do this with him?" 

I started to fold a shirt into my suitcase, "Do what?"

"Kel, isn't gay. He's a strong man, that wants to just explore. Give him that and then let him be."

I turned to her, "I don't know what Kel is, and neither do you. But the objective of our relationship is to just explore, not to fall in love, not to be intimate, just to be ourselves and if the other things happen, so be it, if not, whatever."

She said, "I'm just looking out for him, cause I care."

I said, "I care too, but I understand."

She turned and left my room. Minutes later, I heard a commotion in the other room. I opened my door to see...

The End

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