Day 71: Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

Viewpoint: Kel ____________________________________________________

I came to Starbucks to find Demetreus but because he's having a serious problem with this old friend, he turned his phone off and went into hiding. Miller told me he gave Diggy the week off and how this Cris boy, has been making his presences known when it comes to my Diggy. That made me mad! I went away for the weekend, and then missed a couple of days to come back to some man that has been harassing my homie, Diggy. I brought my friends, Rachel and Malik down with me, since they are the only ones that know my secret and want to meet the infamous Diggy that turned me out! 

We drove down to Philadelphia and went to Latoya's apartment unexpectedly.

*Knock, knock, knock*

Latoya opened the door.

"Hey Kel!" Latoya said as she opened the door. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for Dee. I can't find him. And everything is off."

"Well take a deep breathe... before you see him. Come on in."

I introduced everyone to Latoya and Andi. Dee walked downstairs and ran towards me.

"Baby! I've missed you!"

"Kel!" Dee never hugged me so tightly.

"Why are you wearing sunglasses, indoors?"

Andi interrupted, "prepare yourself."

"Oh... um... I got into a little argument. But everything is fine... no trouble!"

I gently pulled off Dee's glasses to expose a black and blue bruise below his right eye.

"What the f*ck happened to you?!?!"

I started to get angry as Malik started to calm me down.

Dee whispered, "I got into it with Cris."

I punched the table, "your ex?"

Dee whined, " He isn't my ex. We dated for a while without titles. He started to beat on me, and I surprisingly got out."

Kel gently rubbed his bruise, "I'ma f*ck him up."

Dee hugged Kel, "It's okay. It's over, and now I just want to move on." Dee looked at Latoya and Andi. 

I turned to Malik and Rachel, "Yo! We about to go beat some ass. Ya'll ready?!"

Malik and Rachel smiled, "Damn straight!"

"Did you not hear what I had to say Kel?! I don't..."

Malik interrupted Dee, "I knew you look familiar, your the guy from the supermarket! Well, well, well!" He pointed to Rachel, "and this is Rachel. Nice to meet you."

Diggy sighed, "Sorry that you had to meet me like this, Rachel. But nice to meet you. And yes, but I wasn't Diggy when we were at the supermarket. I promise, haha."

I grabbed Diggy's hand and took him upstairs to talk alone.

The End

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