My Property

Day 67: Demetreus "Dee or Diggy" Sharpp

Viewpoint: Dee


Demetreus got off the phone with Kel and decided to step outside with Cristoph. Cristoph smirked as he circled Demetreus.

"My boss, Miller has the cops on speed dial if you try anything Cris."

"Dee, I'm not afraid, of the po-po. F*ck the po-po. So your dating someone new?"

I confidently said, "Yeah I am. And please don't try to come back in my life."

"If I want to come back into your life I will. You're still my property."

He gripped me up by my neck. I started to have flash backs.

"Let go of me Cris!!"

Cris released me of his grip. All of a sudden, Mr. Miller opened the door and Cris smiled at him.

"Demetreus, you okay out here?" Miller said. He turned to Cris, and said, "Get off my property. I called the cops."

Cris smirked, "Excuse me, me and my boyfriend were just talking. No need for cops. Demetreus, go get your things, your coming with me."

I nodded no, "Cris, I'm done with what we had. Please just go!"

Cris walked up against me and Mr. Miller stepped in.

"Go home kid, I'll take him home."

"Fine, Dee. If that's how you want it."  Cris smirked as he walked into the dark parking lot. Miller and I went back into Starbucks and locked the door.

The End

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