Close Call

Day 67: Demetreus "Dee or Diggy" Sharpp

Viewpoint: Dee  ________________________________________________________

Miller, the store manager and Demetreus were speaking in Starbucks when a customer walked up.

"Hey Demetreus." said the customer.

I turned and my facial expression dramatically change. It went from happy to being scared.

"Hi Cristoph?" I nervously said.

"How are you?! It's been a long time." He flashed his cocky smirk.

"It has... do you need a drink? W-w-what can we get for you?"

"Well... we need to talk?"

"Um... I can't I'm at work right now..."

"Demetreus, well take a break!"

I turned to Miller, with my back towards Cristoph, I showed fear in my face towards my store manager.

Miller asked me to go into the backroom and told Cristoph that he'll assist him, and that I can't take a break. I waved to him and excused myself to the  back room. 

Cristoph yelled, "I'll be waiting for you, when your done."

Miller walked in the back and found me wiping my tears.

"Are you okay, Demetreus ." 

"No... can you keep a secret, this is off the record."

"Yes! You're scaring me."

"Mr. Miller, Cristoph, used to beat on me... and beat on me badly. He liked me and I just went along with it, and he used to mess me up. And then one day, it just stopped, and that was a year ago. And now he's back. I can't go back to that."

"Well I won't let him get to you. Dry your eyes, and meet me in the front." He said as he walked away. 

I haven't spoken to Kel since he left only text him, but I needed him now. I decided to call.

"Hello? Is this Diggy?!"

"Hello..." I said.

"Wait... who is this?" 

"This is Demetreus..." 

"Oh, I thought this was Kel's girlfriend, Diggy. You're calling on her number?"

For a second, I didn't know what he was talking about. But then I remember Diggy was my cover up name.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah, Diggy is my sister, and I needed to get in contact with Kel."

"Oh, sorry! I'm Malik, his best friend."

"Oh! Your the famous Malik... nice to meet you. I'm Demetreus. Can you tell him I called."

"Got it."


That was a close-call!

The End

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