Some Day

Day 65: Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

Music: Fantasia - Man of the House _________________________________________________________

Kel grabbed Dee's hand as they walked Kelly Drive down in Center City Philadelphia. The boathouses were decorated in lights and the river next to it looked beautiful. Kel tossed on a fitted cap and his polo boots and held Dee's hand as they enjoyed the cool breeze. A person on a bike rode by them and Kel got nervous. 

"We can take it slow." Dee whispered as he released Kel's hand. 

Kel whispered back, "This is hard..."

Dee smiled, "I know... but we'll take it slow, and you can be whatever you want to be."

Kel smiled.

They walked underneath the bridge and decided to walk towards the water.

Kel smiled, "This is the first time that I ever came here..."

Dee smiled, "Yeah, its a beautiful place."

Dee was interrupted by Kel's cell phone.

Kel turned to Dee, "I gotta take this, ya dig?"

Dee nodded. Kel picked up the phone.

Malik was crying, "I'm scared..."

Kel became very concerned, "What's wrong?!"

Malik continued, "Tomorrow, I get my results from my HIV test. They told me I have to come in. I can't."

Kel replied, "I'ma come down there... so you don't have to do this alone."

Malik was surprised and so was Dee as he overheard their conversation. Dee non-verbally lipped, "Good!"

Malik started to breakdown, "really!! You would do that?!"

Kel said, "You are my brother, and I love you... yes! Do you want me to come down now?"

Malik sounded surprised, "Where is this coming from? You don't ever act like this."

Kel said, "I have someone in my life, that is making me aware of my actions." He said, as he looked at Diggy.

Dee smiled as he grabbed his hand. Dee started to lead him back to the car. Kel continued to talk:

"It takes me about 3 hours to get to you. It's 10pm now, so I'm going to stop by my house, pick up my clothes and then I'ma coming down there."

Malik smiled, "Thank you Kel, this means the world. Will I get to meet this mysterious girl?"

Kel looked at Dee and replied, "Some day..."

Malik said, "Thank you... well I like her already. She's changing you for the better."

Kel replied, "I see you in a couple of hours."

The End

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