The Perfect Moment

Day 65: Demetreus "Dee" Sharpp

Viewpoint: Dee

Music: Neyo- Say It __________________________________________________

I took lead as his body started to become warm. He turned me around and kissed me on lips.

"I'm sorry baby, I really am."

I kissed his neck, then slowly moved down his body. I unbuckled his belt buckle. Kel bite his lip, and I exposed his indent in his boxers. I rubbed my head against his soldiers' head, and blew on it. 

We heard footsteps coming up stairs so he quickly slid his pants on. He kissed me one more time. We both remained quiet. The person went into the bathroom and then I went downstairs.

Latoya smiled, "Well you look better."

I smiled, "Yeah, we are cool now."

"You better not had!"

"We didn't have sex in your sheets and we didn't have sex yet."


"When I get that title... we will... but for now, I gotta keep teasing."

I looked around, "Where is everyone?"

"Um, everybody got hot and bothered and left. You and Kel are stopping me from getting my freak on with my boyfriend Rob."

I laughed and then I called Kel downstairs.  Kel came down the steps and was shocked to see a empty apartment.

"So your my best friend's boyfriend?" Latoya said to Kel.

Kel smiled, "Soon... I'm just taking it slow."

Dee smiled, "He'll stringing me along."

Kel grabbed Dee, "No, I'm waiting for the perfect moment."

Kel kissed me in front of Latoya. I was shocked. 

Kel said, "That was for all my screw ups today. Now we are even."

Rob came down stairs. 

"Hey Rob!" I said as I shook his hand.

"Kel, this is my boyfriend, Rob, and Rob this is Demetreus' ..." said Latoya.

Dee interrupted, "He's my cousin." 

Kel looked at me and I smiled. "Cousin Mikhael" 

Rob shook his hand. 

Latoya smiled, "Well its not time for ya'll to leave. Thanks for visiting. Get out!" She said as she pushed us out.

Kel took out his car keys. 

"Okay..." I smiled.

Kel finished, "I hope you are not ready to go to bed... I want to take you somewhere..."

The End

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