Only Friendz

Day 65: Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

Viewpoint: Kel

Music: Neyo- Mirror ___________________________________________________

I pushed open the door. Dee was sitting on Latoya's bed, crying. I was confused of why he was crying but I guess that has something to do with me dancing with Brittany.

"Baby..." I whispered.

He looked at me, "I'm not your baby, tonight!"

"What you mean?" 

"You ignored me tonight. It was all about everybody else tonight."

"I didn't mean to ignore you, babe. I was just acting like it we were only friends."

"But we aren't only friends... right?!"

I walked over to him and sat on the bed next to him. I put my arm around him. He moved my arm off of him.

"I'm sorry Dee. Please don't cry."

"It bothered me when those girls were flirting with you and you were eating it up."

"I know... I'm not used to dating. I liked to flirt."

"So you knew it was bothering me?!"

"No, that's not what I meant!"

He stood up... "Whatever..."

"What I meant to say was... I'm not used to dating someone... I'll be more aware of my actions."

"Well I was aware of my actions as I twerked Jon's world tonight."

I knew Dee was upset with me, so I'm going to try to redirect the conversation: "Yeah, how did you learn to dance like that."

"That was nothing... I just let my body play with the rhythms in the song."

I grabbed his hand, and pulled him down to sit next to me, "You made me jealous of that dude... it should've been me."

"It will be you..."

"I want to dance with you... just not ready to dance in front of others."

"I understand. Just know, if you can make me jealous, I can make you jealous."

"Its the game that we play." 

I turned his chin and made Dee look into my eyes, "So you're not mad anymore?"

Dee smiled, "I guess not."

"I never meant to make you feel like your not mine, ya dig?"

"I'm yours?!" Dee looked shocked.

"You are, Dig."


"Diggy... my new nickname for you."

"Next time someone ask me... or try to get with me, I'll say I'm dating a beautiful person named Diggy."

"I like it... even though Diggy doesn't sound like a girl's name."

"Well it is. Dee.. my Diggy."

Dee smiled.

I turned to him, "Kiss me?"

Dee stood up and walked away: "Ew... you kissed Brittany... no thanks."

I laughed as I ran over to the door and closed it before he left. I grabbed his hand and spun him and bent him over. Mirror was still playing downstairs and I didn't want to mess up my relationship with Diggy. So I pressed my body against his and wrapped my hands around his waist. Dee started to move his hips in circle motions which excited me.

"I can feel your soldier coming through your pants," giggled Diggy.

"Its cause he wants to penetrate your castle walls." I laughed. 

The End

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