Day 65: Demetreus "Dee" Sharpp

Viewpoint: Dee

Music: Neyo- Mirror _____________________________________________________

He looked at me with confusion, and I already gave up. Maybe this fight we were having was just between me and myself. But I thought when your dating someone, you should pay them attention. You can dance with other people but acknowledge who your boyfriend is. And that he is clearly upset! Ooops! There I go again, assuming. We aren't boyfriends, we are just dating without titles.

"Can we dance?" I asked Jon. He smiled as he allowed me to take control. I pressed my body up against his and started to sway my hips. I stared at Kel the entire time as my body started to roll with the rhythm on the beat. I saw the frustration building within him and it fed me. I wanted him to see that I could do the same thing to him. Make him as jealous as I was. Jon pressed his hand down on my back and bent me over. Latoya glanced over and saw the frustration build. Jon lifted his leg on my butt as if he was having sex and started to slowly thrust to the beat. Kel grabbed Brittany and spun her against the wall. He started to match Jon's dancing, but I could see the jealously taking over. It started to spin out of control. Brittany turned Kel and kissed him on his lips.

My heart dropped and I stopped dancing with Jon and subtly went upstairs. 

Kel pushed her off, and told her that he had a girlfriend. He looked around for me, and I was gone. He subtly walked back into the kitchen and tried not to bring attention to himself.

He called me, "Demetreus?"

I forward it to voice mail. 

Latoya walked up to Kel and told him that I went upstairs...

The End

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