Not the Plan

Day 65: Demetreus "Dee" Sharpp

Viewpoint: Dee

Music: Usher, Can you handle it?   _____________________________________________________

Dinner just finished, and Kel has been ignoring me the entire time. Well just acting like my friend, but every other night, he can be more. I can't handle this. Its making me upset. I thought I could handle it. Well Brittany has been on him since he got here... He's playing with me...I know it!

I took a deep breathe... and Latoya took me aside.

"What's wrong with you?"

"I'm dating Mikhael on the low."

"Aww! Really?" Latoya said.

"Yeah, but we haven't made it official. So the girl Brittany, and Trish has been on him and its bothering me."

Latoya asked: "Okay... and you can't do anything?"

I shook my head indicating no, and she said,  "Hmmm! Well you can either act like nothing wrong or get his attention, another way?"

I wiped my tears, as I realized I started to cry, "I really like him, Latoya.  But whatever, if he can have fun with other people so can I!"

"What do you mean?"

"I think I might just dance on Jon, he's bisexual right?

Latoya laughed, "Really... you're going to make him jealous?

"That'll get his attention."

Latoya wiped my tear with a soft tissue. Kel walked in the kitchen.

"Hey Dee? You okay?!" He said to me.

I looked him up and down and walked passed him. Latoya followed me. He came out of the kitchen minutes later and Brittany pushed him back in. I couldn't handle this. It was tearing me up. 

I never had a problem like this before. I didn't think this party was going to be an ultimate test for us. I wanted to sex him up tonight, but that won't be happening tonight. I look around and every one was paired up and dancing but me... I was upset and I couldn't bounce back.

If I walk in there... and he is kissing that b*tch... I will let loose. I took a deep breathe and pushed open the door to the kitchen to see...

The End

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