Play Ya Cardz Right

Day 65: Demetreus "Dee" Sharpp

Viewpoint: Dee

Music: Jazmin Sullivan, I need you bad ____________________________________________________

Kel and I have been dating for a little less than a month now, and it has been really nice. Both of our friends are suspicious but no one knows but me and him. My friends have been on me, so they have invited Kel to a private gathering tonight. I'm thinking if Kel plays his cards tonight, I might take him to the boss level, if you know what I mean. (Or I might have to add mature to this story haha! But Anyway...)

I met with Latoya as she prepared for her party.

*Knock knock knock* I tapped on the door. I was wearing a goldenrod yellow sweater with a black dress shirt underneath. Slim straight black denim jeans, fresh hair cut, and fresh pair of reebox sneakers. 

"Well hello bestie!" Latoya said, as she revealed a beautiful brown dress with gold flowers on it. 

"Oooh! You look stunning!" I said as she danced around showing off her outfit.

"So we are both wearing yellow/gold? I like how we are matching."

"Wait till you see Andrea. She busted out the pumps!"


"Yes, boy... she is killing them." 

I came in, holding a small gift and I passed it to Latoya as Andi came out of the kitchen.

"Wow Andi, you look beautiful."

"Yeah, I clean up well." She smiled.

Moments later... six more of Latoya's friends arrived. I was still waiting for Kel. I called him but no answer.

With all of the nine guests there... missing Kel. They all moved and sat at the dinner table.

15 minutes into the dinner, Kel finally arrived. 

Latoya opened the door. Kel walked in wearing all black, with a red tie. All of the women turned in the room including the other gay guy. I started to get mad, but couldn't show it. Ugh, I hate this feeling.

Kel walked in and apologize for being late and sat in between two girls.

He didn't even sit next to me...

He text me: Sorry I'm late babe.

I text back: What happened?

He text back: Don't worry about it.

I popped my head back. I stood up and excuse myself from the table and went into the kitchen.

The End

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