Something's Up

Day 52: Demetreus "Dee" Sharpp

Viewpoint: Dee

Music: Keri Hilson- Slow Dance __________________________________________________

Dee sat around the table with Latoya, and Andi. Terrance walked up to the threesome.

"Hey guys!" Said Terrance.

We all looked up at him.

"Hello Mr. Green." Latoya said as we all waved.

"Can I sit and eat with yall?" He said as he sat down.

"Yeah bruh, you can." I said.

I straighten up and put away the fashion and gay magazines. 

Terrance, plays in the university band with me. He is in the band fraternity here, which I'm kinda interested in. But I am also interested in Phi Beta Sigma on this campus too. Me and him have bonded on a male friends level but he doesn't know that I'm bi-curious. Well gay. I'm actually afraid to tell him, because friendships especially between men are always challenged if one finds out about the whole homosexual factor.

I wanted to tell Latoya and Andi that I'm kinda talking to Kel, but haven't really had the opportunity. They are my best friends and have been for a long time.

I looked down as they continued to talk, and see text messages from Kel.

"Hey babe, I'll be there in ten. I want to treat for dinner."

I smiled and when I looked up I was met with three sets of eyes.

"What?!" I said out loud.

"Who are you texting?" Andi said.

"Um... what?" I jokingly said.

"I like this look." Latoya said.

"Did you bite your lip? You flirting?" Terrance said.

I started to get uncomfortable so I tried to redirect the conversation. 

"Well aren't my friends nosy!" I said as I started to pack up my stuff.

"Are you leaving abruptly?!" Andi said as Latoya giggled.

"You sneaky, homie." Terrance said.

I laughed, "Bye everyone... have a great evening. Lunch tomorrow?"

"We WILL talk about this tomorrow!" Andi said as I waved goodbye.

"He is up to something. And I kinda like it!" Latoya said.

"I don't..." Terrance uttered.

"Well good for him... I wonder what he's up too!" Andi laughed.

The End

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