Just A Hello

Day 52: Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

Viewpoint: Kel

Music: Ja Rule- Clap Back   _________________________________________________________

Kel finished copying his notes from the lecture as Kyla walked over to him.

"Now, class has been over for 15 minutes now." She giggled.

"Yeah, I know... I took my time today." He smiled.

"Is everything okay?" 

"Yeah, why you ask?"

"You're smiling."

"So..." I looked at her with a weird facial expression.

"You never smile... like ever!"

"I had a good night..."


"Well I did..."

"Hmph! Anyhoo! Are we still on for our study date tonight?"

"Yeah, I'm going to kick this exam ass!"

"Well don't leave me behind, I want to pass too!" She said as she walked away.

I finished up my last page and collected my belongings. I walked to my car and realized that Malik called me. I got into my car, started to drive and called him back.

"Hello?" Malik said.

"Yo! Yo! Yo!" I yelled in the phone. I had Ja Rule's Clap Back blasting loud...

Malik laughed, "B*tch turn down your music, I can't hear your goofy ass!!"

I turned down my music and said, "Yes, homie, what you need?"

"Yo! You in a good ass mood right now."

"Yea, I'm on my way to Temple University."

"Really, what you doing down there?"

"Going to chill with a friend."

"You have friends?" 

I laughed, "Yes!"

"Well you know I know you too well, your only this happy when you got a girl."

"What you mean?"

"You got a girlfriend, Kel?"

I tried to redirect the conversation, "Shut up boy, you playing too much. What do you want?"

"Naw... naw... don't try to change the convo. I thought you said after Alyssa you weren't going to date for a while."

"I'm not dating anybody, Malik... can't a man just be happy?!" I hate lying to him, but this is a secret and I'm not trying to talk about it.

"You had sex?"

"Yes! Yeah, that's it!" I hinted at sarcasm, "Why can't I be happy?"

"Cause your never this happy? I'ma figure it out."

"Well, what do you want?"

"Just wanted to say hello."

"You serious?! You should have sent me a text or something?"

Malik laughed, "Well I wanted to call you, damn can't a friend just call."

I laughed, "Yeah, you can, well. I gotta go, ya dig. I'll hit you up later."

Malik laughed, "Bye Homie."

The End

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