Initial Contact

Day 50: Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

Viewpoint: Kel

Music: Ashanti - Only You ____________________________________________________

Dee passed me his bag. I forgot I left my music playing in my house.

Dee looked at pictures of my family around my living room.

"I thought you were from Brooklyn?" Dee said.

"I am! But I live here with dad. My parents are separated. My mom lives with my sisters in Brooklyn. I got accepted to go to school down here, at GMC. So my dad is letting me live here, until I graduated."

I paced the room.

"I'm going to fight for full custody of my son, now that I know I have one. Because Alyssa is not fit to be a mother. And she was a mistake to ever get with. But I love Jaiden, he's my seed."

Dee smiled as he observed the pictures and said, "Your mom is pretty."

"Thank you."

"She's dominican too?"

"Yeah, my dad is black."

"Wow..." Dee saw my dad, "He's sexy."

"Hands off my dad..." Kel walked behind Dee. I gripped him from behind and felt his butt press against my crotch. He had medium stomach with a huge butt. 

I whispered in his ears, "Thank you for taking the time to do this with me."

Dee turned and hugged me, and kissed my chin.

"Whatever makes you happy. I'm happy at just you looking at me."

I smiled. Dee started to sway his hips.

"Oh I'm not the dancer." I whispered.

"You have black in you, you have to have some rhythm."

"I have rhythm... I just-" I said as Dee started to press his body on me.

He started to sway his body and my body went with him. I felt myself getting erect. I never had this feeling before especially off an initial contact.

Dee stopped... "We will continue this later. I see your friend is getting happy. I don't think we are ready for that step yet." He bit his lip seductively and laughed out loud.

I laughed as he grabbed the sheets I gave him, and started to lay it on the couch.

"Why aren't you sleeping in my bed." I uttered.

"Because I'm not your boyfriend, if I was.. I would, but we are only dating with no titles."

I laughed as he laid down. "UGH! Good night baby, ya dig."

"Good night," he said as I walked into my bedroom.

The End

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