Day 50: Demetreus "Dee" Sharpp

Music: Justin Timberlake- What Goes Around, Comes Around ____________________________________________________

Over the next couple of days, on the surface everything was the same, no change. Kel would go to class, do well on his exams and assignments and study in his favorite corner of Starbucks. Dee would do the same, produce great legendary service at Starbucks and continue to pass all his assignments. At night, when no one was around Kel and Dee would continue their explorations of each other.

Demetreus was finished with work at 8pm and he text Kel that he was leaving. 15 minutes later, Kel left Starbucks and drove to meet Demetreus, a block away.

Kel opened his car door, and Demetreus got in. Kel leaned over and kiss Dee. Dee put his seat belt on.

"I miss my car." Dee pouted.

"You don't like riding with me?" Kel replied.

"I like it... just miss my freedom, I have to count on everybody."

Kel laughed, "So where are you going?"

"Well my parent's house is 15 minutes away from here, but my actual apartment is on campus, and that's a hour away when you don't do the speed limit." Dee laughed.

Kel laughed as he drove out of the parking lot, "What time you work tomorrow?"

"I have to be up here for a damn manager meeting. They want to promote me, but I honestly cannot handle it. 15 credits at college, and 30 hours at work, and now I'm dating you... that's a lot!"

Kel laughed, "But you like dating me..."

Dee smiled, "Yes I do... but I have to be up here at 10am tomorrow, but I don't want to stay with my parents, they ask too many questions."

Kel smiled, "Your parents are very nosy, but I live 10 minutes from here, stay with me tonight, and I'll take you to your meeting and then your class and then I'll go to class."

Dee side-eyed him and said, "hmmmm! That's sounds sneaky. What are you really up to?"

Kel laughed out loud, "nothing, really."

Dee smiled, "Well the sex thing is out of the question."

Kel mocked Dee, "WOAH! Its a big step!"

Dee whined, "It is!"

Laughter filled the car as Kel drove to his house.

Dee continued, "Well I guess your plan is the winner!"

The End

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