2nd Best Kept Secret

Day 42: Demetreus "Dee" Sharpp

Viewpoint: Dee

Music: Janet Jackson- Feels So Right ________________________________________________

2 hours later.

We sat and talked about everything. It was awesome. Starbucks closed and Demetreus sent Melissa home.

It was nice to sit and not be bothered. Kel is so funny. Hilarious and a smart ass. We spoke about politics, sports, arts, music and even wrestling. I'm a big John Cena fan while he likes Triple HHH.

I made him two more of my signature drinks and I really had a great time. He told me about the fight he had with his best friend and we spoke on Latoya's advice.

"Malik, sounds like he loves you as a best friend." I replied.

Kel nodded in agreement, "it was just new... I'm a dude, we don't have to know our feelings, those are woman traits."

"I guess... but you should stand by him. This is a hard time for him."

"Is it a hard time for you?"

Dee said, "Um, yeah! Only Latoya, Mikey, Andi and you know. My staff assumes but thats all."


"Yeah, I believe its no one business. But I've been wearing tighter clothes lately so guys could notice me. But they don't."

"Your a good looking guy, you shouldn't have to do that."

"Thank you, but the gay world is different. Its all about image. And I'm just a regular person stuck in that world."

"I understand, at least you have the time to figure out what you want. I still learning."

"We all are."

"I have a kid though now because, I wanted to try something."

"Well if you take your time, and not rush, you will find what you are looking for."

"How can you be so sure?"

"It was always my secret."

"Can you keep a secret?"

Dee nodded in agreement. Kel leaned in and gently kissed Demetreus on his lips. He closed his eyes and pressed. Demetreus closed his eyes and accepted the kiss. Their head motions started to sway with the silence in the air. Kel slowly slide his tongue in Dee's mouth and started to gently massage it.  A few seconds later, Kel released.

He put his head down.

Dee put his hand on his back, "It's okay... it'll be my best kept secret."

"Thank you," Kel said as he glanced out of the window.

The End

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