So Sweet

Day 42: Demetreus "Dee" Sharpp

Music: Trey Songz - Last Time _______________________________________________

"So what do you recommend?" Kel said.

"Well, what are you looking for? Something bitter or sweet?" Dee replied.

Kel proclaimed, "Definitely sweet, I don't want anything chocolate."

Dee responded, "Okay! Fruity sweet or artificially sweet?"

Kel chuckled, "Hmmm? I want it the best way you know how to make it."

Dee smiled, "Well my signature drinks are all naturally sweet. I think you'll like it."

Kel licked his lips  seductively and answered, "really?!  I will go with that, then."

"And do you like whipped cream?"

Kel chuckled, "Do I look like I like whipped cream?"

Melissa giggled to herself when she realized that they were flirting. She excused herself to the backroom.

Kel watched Dee's lips when he said, "No...  but I like whipped cream, and after you have a taste of this, you'll like it too."

Kel smiled, "But I've already had a taste of the whipped cream..."

Dee interrupted, "No, you had a taste of Starbuck's whipped cream, my whipped cream is soft, fluffy and irresistible."

Kel licked his lips, "It sounds nice."

Dee grabbed ice, and said, "I think you'll like it. But it is definitely something different."

Kel hesitated, "After talking to Latoya today, and learning a lesson, I think I might take this leap. Why not? Life is too short... right?

Dee nodded.

Kel smiled, "well when can I have it?"

Dee giggled, "the question is, when will you take it?"

Kel chuckled, "I'm a gentleman at heart, today, I'll ask for it... now there will be a time and a place when I take it, if I want it."

Dee smiled, "Well do you want it?" Dee finished making the drink.

Kel licked his lips, "Will you give it to me?"

Dee passed him the drink lightly topped with mousse whipped cream. "Enjoy!"

Kel took a sip of the drink and replied, "Wow! This is amazing and smooth.

Dee grinned and laughed, "Now wait to you have the real thing, it will be nothing that you have ever experienced and you'll love every moment of it."

Kel laughed out loud. Dee grabbed his Strawberries and cream and walked over to Melissa.

"I love the way you flirt, " she giggled. Dee smiled and told her if she needed him to call him. He grabbed his drink and walked Kel over to their seat.

The End

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