Lesson Learned

Day 41: Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

Music: The Ataris, In this Diary _________________________________________________

Latoya and Kel spoke about gay men for the next 15 minutes.

"Wow, I never looked at it like this..." Kel replied. "So calling them faggots is disrespectful."

Latoya hit Kel and replied, "Yes! It's like calling you a spic! Or me a nigger!"

Kel rubbed his arm, "You got some muscle there... but I understand. Next question, so does a guy know when he's gay?"

Latoya responded, "Not exactly... its a learning experience. Demetreus is just becoming open. He has come a long way, but he still has his insecurities. He still dates women, but I give him time, and he'll be whatever he wants to be. If you ask him if he's gay, he'll tell you no. But he definitely likes guy, but he is still getting comfortable in his skin, as we all are."

Kel nodded his head in agreement.

Kel replied, "I think you just answered all my questions. I just found out my best friend is fag... he is gay. And I need to be there for him, instead of making it hard."

Latoya smiled, "Good! Lesson learned. Its hard to be a homosexual in our society. Demetreus used to get beat up all the time, but with a strong friend base, it does all the difference."

Kel nodded again.

Latoya finished, "Speaking of Demetreus, there he is finally!"

Demetreus approached Latoya and Kel wearing tight dark denim and a fitting shirt hugging him in all the right places.

"Dee-Dee you look good." Latoya said as she hugged him.

Kel looked Dee up and down. Dee turned to Kel.

"Well hello?! Are you trying to steal my friend?!"

Kel and Latoya laughed. Kel replied, "Um, no! I needed some advice. But onto important news, have you made time for me, yet?"

Dee laughed, "Was I supposed to?!"

Kel chuckled, "fine! I'll meet you at your Starbucks at 8pm tomorrow night."

Dee laughed and turned to Latoya. Kel repeated his statement.

Latoya replied, "Yes, he'll be there!"

Dee scoffed at her! Kel replied, "Thanks Latoya! I'll see you tomorrow night, Dee."

Kel said as he walked away. He picked up his cell phone and dialed Malik's number.

The End

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