Nothing Special

Day 41: Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

Music: Coldplay, Clocks __________________________________________________

Kel forgot his car keys inside his house but managed to grab his cell phone before he left the argument. He was full of mixed emotions as he played music on his phone.

He looked down and saw "Coldplay - Clocks" was playing.

"My best friend is gay?!" He said to himself.

He walked and tried to clear his mind. He called Rachel, but no answer. He called his mom but also no pick up.

40 minutes later

Kel found himself in the mall parking lot. He looked down and saw Malik calling him. He ignored it as he walked into the mall.

The mall was packed and full of shoppers. He looked around and saw Latoya shopping. He walked up to her.

"Hello Beautiful." Kel said to Latoya.

"Oh hello handsome." She replied.


"Yeah... are you okay? You look upset."

" I have a lot of my mind."

"Yeah, the life of a college student."

"Random question, do you know where your friend is?"

"Who? Oh! Demetreus?"


"He's actually getting out of class now, and will be on his way here..."

"Oh nice... I want to ask him something. But are you busy right now?"

"No, wassup?"

Latoya and Kel started to walk towards Macy's.

Kel said, "Demetreus... he's gay right?"

Latoya laughed. "Yes, he is."

Kel laughed, "Well, how do you know? He doesn't act like a gay?"

Latoya looked at Kel weird, "Well, what is a gay to you?"

Kel puzzled said, "Well aren't gay men, girls with penises? Or rock a purse, or have squeaky voices?"

Latoya responded, "Those are stereotypes. Gay men are just people that come in various sizes and ways like Hispanics or African Americans. They shouldn't have labels, and you shouldn't label them. They are just people that like their same sex, nothing special."

Kel smiled.

Latoya continued, "Some gay men are dramatic and flamboyant. But some gay men are regular people like Demetreus. But because gay people are looked down upon, a lot of them decide to keep themselves quiet and not be as open as a heterosexual relationship."

The End

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