Code Red

Day 41: Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

Viewpoint: Kel

Music: Jay-Z, 99 Problems _______________________________________________________

"YOU KEEP WALKING THE F*CK AWAY FROM ME!" yelled Kel as Malik paced the room.

"THIS IS HARD!" Malik yelled back.

"You are making this hard!" Kel said as he started to calm down.

Malik walked over and grabbed a book off of Kel's table.

Kel snatched the book from Malik's grasp  and said, "You flew up here to tell me something. You been up here, and couldn't tell me cause Jaiden was up here... You lost my son at the grocery store. And then Alyssa just picked up Jaiden ten minutes ago, and you still haven't told me why you came up here and why you are being deceitful! "

Malik put his hands over his head and muttered, "Okay... this is being a little dramatic. But I guess I should start it off by saying..."

He took a deep breathe... inhaled... exhaled...

"I think I might have HIV."

Kel stood still and uttered, "What?!"

Silence took over the room for a couple of seconds.

Kel sat next to him and placed his hand on his shoulder... "Who gave it to you? And have you got tested?"

"Justin..." Malik uttered.

"Justin?" Kel was confused.

Kel replied, "No, I'm asking you, who gave it to you?!"

Malik wiped away his tears, "Justin."

Kel's eyes got wide, and he muttered, " a dude? You're gay?!"

Malik put his head down.

Kel jumped up from him and he said, "Woah! This is a lot!

Malik's eyes were red. He looked up to Kel.

Kel stood up and said, "I think you should leave."

Malik was shocked and began to sob, "Please! Don't! Do this!"

Kel looked at Malik, and continued, "I can't handle this right now. If you're going to stay, I gotta get out of here... let me just clear my head."

Kel walked over to the table and grabbed his car keys. Malik stood in his way. Kel pushed him from in front of the door.

"I will beat your butt if you don't get out of my way." Kel said as he stormed out of his apartment.

The End

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