My Fruity Pebblez

Day 40: Demetreus "Dee" Sharpp

Viewpoint: Dee

Music: Benny Goodman, Stardust _______________________________________________

I had a great night with Latoya, after we left Starbucks. Could I really like someone that I don't know, or am I in love with the idea of liking him. Well, I decided to get up the next afternoon and go food shopping. I have my own apartment down on campus but some days I stay with my parents because they live ten minutes from the Starbucks, that I am an assistant manager at.

Today, I decided to go food shopping for my apartment. I walked into the Genuardis Food Market and grabbed a cart. This supermarket was huge!

I walked over to the cereal aisle and walked down until I saw my favorite cereal Fruity Pebbles. I looked over to see a cart of food and a baby sleeping in the cart.

"What the hell?!" I whispered. "Someone left their baby alone?!"

I looked around the cart to see if the parent left any information. I ran down the aisle to see if anyone was around. I ran over to the baby.

I left my cart and gently pushed the cart that he was in towards the customer service desk. The baby woke up and started to coo.

"Hello... little one!" I whispered.

He was the cutest baby  I have ever seen; had to be a little over a year old.

Then all of a sudden, a frantic muscular man ran by me. As he ran by me, I stopped him.

"Sir! What's wrong?!"

"I lost my best friend's child. I wasn't paying attention and I left him in one of the aisle."

"Sir, calm down... I was pushing him to customer service. Is this him?" I said as I pointed to my cart.

The man ran to the cart and picked up the baby.

"JAIDEN!!! I'M SO SORRY!!!" He said as he kissed the baby.

"Thank you so much Mister!" He said as he gave me a big hug.

"I'm glad everything worked out! Bye!" I said as I walked towards the cereal aisle.

The End

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