Marble Mocha

Day 39:  Demetreus "Dee" Sharpp

View Point: Dee

Music: Monica, Superman ________________________________________________

I heard a knock at my door so I opened my door.

"Latoya!" I said, as I tackle her with a hug.

"Hey Dee-Dee...what are you doing?!"

"Um, I gotta stop down at work before we can go out."

"Really? ... well I'm coming..."

"That's fine. I just gotta switch jeans."

"Why? You look fine."

"Mikey wants me to give the Hispanic guy, Kel; the gay test."

"So you gonna put on clothes that are gonna hug your curves?"

"Damn straight!"

Latoya laughed, "Well hurry up then!"

I ran up the stairs, changed clothes, grabbed Latoya and we were on our way to Starbucks.

15 minutes later...

I walked into Starbucks laughing with Latoya. 

I turned to look at Kel's corner that he usually sits, but no he wasn't there. That caught  me off guard completely. I asked Latoya what she wanted to drink, and went into the station to make it. When I was finished, I walked out and saw Kel talking with Latoya.

"Wellllll, I see you met my friend!" I said as I walked up to Latoya and Kel, I put down her  Marble Mocha drink, and met eyes with the both of them.

"Yeah, he looked familiar, but we know each other from the Sigma's Step Show from about a week ago." Latoya said.

"Yeah, I saw this beautiful young lady, but were you there Dee?" Kel said to me.

"Yeah, I was right next to her... we came together." I smirked.

I noticed that he was flirting with Latoya, and honestly I got irritated. He's no longer on my gaydar and I'm letting this go.

"Okay, well I'll let you guys continue to talk, I have to do some paperwork." I said as I walked away.

I honestly think they were too in each other to realized I even walked away. I looked down at a text from Latoya.

"He watched you walk away. Like he didn't take his eyes off you. You know I'm not flirting just fishing for info, right!"

The End

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