A Vanilla Bean Scone

Day 37:  Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

View Point: Kel

Music: Jill Scott, When I Wake Up ______________________________________________________

35 minutes later.

"Kel, I'm about to close up the shop. Did you want anything?" Demetreus muttered.

I looked up from my textbook, but couldn't really focus on anything.

I replied, "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

Demetreus smiled.

I chuckled, "I really didn't hear you!"

Demetreus smiled, "You better not be making fun of me..."

He's implying the jokes I said maybe 15 minutes ago, cause he almost passed out. Something changed when he almost fell. I don't know what it is... but I'm not complaining. 

"Well sir, I'm about to close Starbucks. Did you want anything?" Demetreus muttered.

I laughed, "So I'm back to being called sir? Especially after I just saved your life..." 

Demetreus and I laughed. 

I continued, "That's messed up"

Demetreus chuckled, "I'm appreciative. Thank you Michael."

I laughed, "Its Kel... Mikhael (Mick-kel)"

Demetreus chuckled, "Okay, Mick-Kel... did you want anything?!"

I muttered underneath my breath... "You."

Demetreus smiled, "Come on be serious... what did you want?"

I guess he didn't hear me... I kinda don't know why I said that... I had to check myself. I'm not gay nor am I a faggot.

"Actually, can I get the rest of the passion tea lemonade and the vanilla bean scones."

Demetreus whispered, "Damn, fat ass..."

I laughed hard, "Excuse me!"

Demetreus laughed and walked away.

"AND I WANT THE SCONES HOT!" I yelled as he walked away towards the station.

Demetreus yelled back, "My services are always legendary hot and sexy, don't worry KIDDO?" 

"KIDDO?" I laughed as I packed away my text books.

"You heard me!" Demetreus laughed.

I was trying to get a joke together, when he walked over with my items.

I replied, "That was fast!"

Demetreus chuckled, "Legendary service, all day! Now, I'm closed... thank you for visiting."

I packed up. "Thanks Demetreus."

"Its on the house, for saving me."

"I could get used to the free around here."

Demetreus escorted me to the door. He opened it and I stepped outside.

"Bye, have a good night." 

"You too and once again, thank you."

The End

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