The Sigma Stomp

Day 33: Demetreus "Dee" Sharpp

Viewpoint: Dee

Music: Amerie: Like It Used to Be _______________________________________________

Demetreus alongside his best friends Andi and Latoya just finished their shopping trip to Old Navy at the Gallery Mall in Center City, Philadelphia.

Latoya took out her keys to her vehicle while Dee packed up her trunk with his purchased merchandise.

"So are you guys ready for this step exhibition!" Toya proudly said.

Andi responded as she sat in the back seat, "I'm ready to see some cute guys stomping around and sweating!"

They laughed.

"Well I just want to see the Sigmas step... you know I secretly wanna join." Dee whispered.

Latoya responded: "You'll get a chance, just be persistent and discreet."

Dee pointed to a parking space as Latoya focused on parking. The threesome walked three blocks to find the Temple University Annual Step Exhibition.

*Clap, stomp, clap, stomp, clap, stomp, stomp, clap, stomp*

"1 ! 9! 1! 4!" The fraternity brothers yelled in unity. The brothers of Phi Beta Sigma started to stomp harder and faster. Dee, Andi and Latoya started to get really into it. The crowd started to cheer!

"WE! ARE! THE ! BRUHS! OF! BLUE! AND! WHITE!" They yelled again.

Dee grabbed Andi and she grabbed Latoya's hand as Dee lead them through the crowd. Dee climbed up on the bleachers with the girls so they could see the teams better.

"Girls!! That's the guy I was talking about earlier!" Dee said as he pointed to Kel.

"Wow, he is cute. He's Puerto Rican?" Latoya said.

"BLUE AND WHITE! WE ARE PHI BETA SIGMA!" The fraternity yelled in the background.

Andi giggled, "He is definitely a looker. He's gay?"

Dee responded, "No... well Mikey thinks he is... but I didn't get a read of my gaydar, and I don't have one now..."

Latoya laughed, "Don't listen to Mikey... he's stupid.!"

Andi laughed, "What's his name?"

Dee looked confused, "I don't even know. He always comes into Starbucks and studies all the time. He's really smart and he definitely has swag too."

"Yeah he does!" Andi said, as she checked him out.

"BLLLLLUUU PHIIII!!!!!! YYYYOOUU KNOWWWWW!" The fraternity called in the background.

"Give him the test..." Latoya said as she watched him.

"The gay test?!" Dee laughed.

"Yes! The curious ones usually get spotted too," said Latoya.

"I guess I gotta put on the tight jeans..." Dee laughed.

"Yes, show off that booty." Andi smiled as she slapped his booty.

"If he fails the gay test, I think Andi should try to get him," laughed Latoya.

"Yes!!! He is totally cute!" Dee smiled. 

"Maybe... but you need it more, Dee!" Said Andi.

They laughed.

"Don't look now... but I think the mysterious guy has realized that Dee is watching him." Latoya quickly said underneath her breath. Dee looked up and saw Kel looking in his direction.

"This is about to get interesting!" Latoya said.

The End

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