Burn Out

Day 29: Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

Viewpoint: Kel

Music:Dizzy Gillespie, Groovin High ____________________________________________

Kel decided to drive Kyla to her house, when she invited him for dinner at her favorite restaurant. They walked in and were seated instantly. They sat and enjoyed dinner. Kel laughed and truly enjoyed his company with Kyla.

"Its nice to see you smiling." Kyla smiled as she concluded the dinner.

"Yeah, school can get a little rough." Kel smiled as he placed his napkin on his dinner plate.

"That's why I wanted you to eat with me. Cause you look stress."

"Oh... my fault."

"Its okay. Remember, your allowed to take breaks and relax. I don't want you burning out..."

"Oh! I won't burn out... but I see what you mean. Thanks for dinner tonight."

The waiter walked over and Kel paid the bill. "Its on me! Thanks for the break."

Kyla smiled as she stood up. "You didn't have too!"

"Naw, its okay."

"Well I have to be on my way. It's getting late, and my boyfriend has been texting me. Thank you for tonight."

"No problem." Kel stood up and hugged her. He looked over her shoulder and connected eyes with a gay couple. Two men kissed and sat down at their table. Kel dazed out for a second, grasping onto Kyla. Kel looked at the two men with confusion...

"Faggots..." He whispered to himself.

"What did you say?!" Kyla said.

"Nothing... You have a great night, thank you." Kyla kissed Kel on his cheek. She grabbed her purse and left Kel sitting at the table.

Moments Later...

Kel sat at the table alone and subtly watched the two gay men interact with each other. He looked down at his cell phone, to find Malik calling him. He ignored the phone call and continued to study the gay couple.

The End

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