Baby Face

Day 29: Xzavion Mikhael "Kel" Johnson

Viewpoint: Kel

Music: Jill Scott, Love Rain __________________________________

Kel finished his study session with Kyla and packed up his work.

"May I ask?" Kyla interrupted the silence.

"Ask... What?" Kel quickly replied. His deep voice made her nervous.

"W-w-why become a nurse, if you don't care about people. Like? I hate to ask, but I love nursing!"

"Cause I need the money. Its not that I hate people, I just don't trust them. Its just business, nothing more." Kel smiled as Kyla seem not amused.

Kel and Kyla walked over to the register.

"Excuse me?" Kel tried to get the barista's attention.

"Yes, sir?" Cherry responded.

"Is that other guy here?"

"Miller, our store manager?"

"Naw, the black guy... His name, Darius... Demarco... D-d."

"Demetreus?" She laughed.

"Yeah that's it."

"Are you looking for him?"

"Well I haven't seen him in a while, just curious."

"He is a traveling assistant manager, so he is everywhere over the district. But this is his home store."

"Wow, really, he looks young. I thought he was ... maybe 16 or 15." Kel laughed.

"Yeah, he does have a baby face, but he is the youngest manager we have. I believe he is 21 in May."

Kel thought to himself, " wow he is my age... Hmph!"

Cherry continued, "He's a good boss, very funny and so positive."

Kel smiled, "yea he seems like a cool dude."

"Can I tell him that you were looking for him?"

"That's not necessary. I was just curious, cause I haven't seen him in a while."

"Well I believe..." She walked over to a book, opened it, and read some documents, "right! He is actually in tomorrow night. He closes the store. "

"Oh cool. Okay... Well since this has become my hangout spot, as of lately, I will probably see him. Thank you though." Kel smiled at Cherry, grabbed his bag and left with Kyla.

The End

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