A Warm Winter Day

Day 17: Demetreus "Dee" Sharpp

View Point: Dee _________________________________________________

The Afternoon:

The warm red paint of his car glistened with the reflection of the bright sun shining on it. The bright blue sky laid in the humid air, with no clouds to be seen. A cold breeze reminded everyone that even though outside looked like spring, it was still winter.

Kel got out of his car and grabbed his laptop bag. Dee walked out of Starbucks. Kel dropped his book and the breeze blew his papers. Dee put down his cup of coffee and helped him collect his papers. 

"Thank you! I would have been pissed if I would have lost my papers." Kel said as Dee passed him his papers.

"Well I think you got all the papers." Dee smiled.

Kel reached in his car. Dee ran back by the building and bent over to pick up his coffee. He reached in his bag and got his car keys.

"Have a great day!" Dee said, as he walked towards his car. Kel put his bag on his shoulders and said, "Are you done work?"

Dee smiled, "Yep! All done!"

Kel put his papers in his bag, and Dee continued, " Even though your not fan of coffee, I see Starbucks is your new hang out spot."

Kel chuckled, "Yeah, its a nice and relaxing spot to chill at. I like it, and plus my best friend from UVA is here and I would have gotten no work done if he was here."

"Oh nice, well enjoy the silence, cause no customers are in there."

"Perfect." Kel thanked Dee and walked inside.

Dee smiled as he got in the car. Mikey was sitting in the passenger seat.

"He totally checked you okay!!"

Dee rolled his eyes. "Shut up Mikey!" Dee turned on his car and started to back up.

"Demi! He really did check you out. He even licked his lips when you bent over to get your coffee."

Dee laughed, "He's straight... and I soooo don't believe you!"

"Fine, I'll just drop it, but he did!"


The End

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